The last few weeks I`ve interested at something which out of my expectation started a boom

It`s live stream at Nico Nico Douga, a japanese streaming website

The one which actually trigger the boom is the Joshi Kousei means Female Highschool students

Q : Now where`s the excitement in that ?

First of all, we could actually interact using comment

Second, we got a free entertaintment

Q : So you watch them because you`re pervert right ?

I should admit that the content served there sometimes included perverted talks, but there`s some who actually talks  about daily life or music. Pick what you think suitable for you

Q : So who do you recommend ?

If you`re looking for music talks, daily  life talks and beautiful voice I recommend Mitsuru, if you`re looking for angelic beauty n fashion I recommend Karupisu, if you`re looking for a beautiful girl and talks about AKB my recommendation is Ojou, if you`re looking for pervert talks and content I definitely recommend Hakuhime or Shoujo

There`s still more, Nico Nico Douga isn`t all about Joshi Kousei [JK], there`s also Joshi Daigakusei[JD] female college student, Joshi Chusei [JC] female middle school student etc. Simply almost all keyword will return different results

For you who have no clue starting, I`ve made some tutorial :

I`ll add more later


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I`m really-really sorry to inform you, I suspend this site for indefinite time because right now SKE48 official blog switch to commercial blog, before there`s any status change I will never translate that blog anymore in accordance with my policy not to support piracy. If in the future the blog available as free blog again, I will start translate them again

Everyone !
I`m home
I`ve returned from Macau (安o’ v ‘ 川↑

Free Image Hosting at

There`s a lot I wanna talk with everyone
So much that I don`t know which one is better
First, the collaboration concert with AKB48 is great success
But, there`s a lot to be  evaluated !
Since I`ve never do concert overseas before
There`s a lot I didn`t know

I really learned a lot ∩(*^口^*)∩

And then shopping ☆ミ

The food is Chinese food !!

But since I want to talk about it in details and carefully

I`m gonna update it (next time) !

I love everyone (*≧m≦*)

I wish today I have a nice dream again

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電話ごっこ(安o’ v ‘ 川↑


Flash file here :

電話ごっこ(安o’ v ‘ 川↑[アメーバビジョン]

During the breaktime of G Television filming, I play phone game with Kanonchan∩(´∀`)∩ Yay

Eventhough it`s so close we use phone !

And then

From behind

Jurina older sister !

Looks like calling the manager !

I didn`t took the picture,

Kanonchan and Jurina older sister was filming on the same studio ∩(*^口^*)∩

It`s so exciting~ ∩(´∀`)∩ Yay

I`ve seen it ♪ and such

Thanks for such happy comment ♪

Today the lesson was also exciting (☆▽☆ )


(Hairtype ・ω・Whereabout!)

Free Image Hosting at

It`s Rena (・ω・)

Today Kanon at her phone (mobile blog) talk about Rena

I`m a bit glad … (・ω・) Laugh

Talking about it, Renacho front bangs parting is on the opposite of the usual, did everyone notice it ?

Why did it`s on the opposite …

I don`t understand too ヽ(*・ω・*)ノ

Just my guess, thinking of possibilities, perhaps it`s because the front bangs in the Aozora Kataomoi, Gomenne SUMMER (cd) jacket is on the opposite ?

Thinking that I didn`t change my hairtype, I look back to the picture few months before,  and it`s keep changing

Me myself surprised (・ω・)

Jurina hair also grow a lot right (´‐ω‐`)

Mine doesn`t seems to grow so I`m a bit jealous

That`s it, tomorrow to I ask for your cooperation !

Good night




Good evening

It`s Ooya Masana
Free Image Hosting at

Today there`s SKE48 Gakuen DVD event
Thanks to everyone who already come
On the way to meet us there`s a cutely decorated layout in the  waiting room
Free Image Hosting at

That vivid board is made by each one of us

Free Image Hosting at
We`ll struggle so that next time
We could held such event in various place !
Today there`s still lesson so I`m so sorry if it`s so short
And then since I still haven`t say good night

Today I say good night with goodnight picture♪That`s it, I`m going

Free Image Hosting at

Lesson ♪(安o’ v ‘ 川↑


Free Image Hosting at

Today we have lesson for Macau ∩(´∀`)∩ YayDuring the break I study …


There`s a lot I did ♪w(⌒冖⌒)w♪Today I study English ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ

Since I`m weak at pronounciation I have to practice ☆ミToday I`m gonna practicing with all the member who are going to go to Macau ♪

As expected dancing is really exciting ⊂(・∀・)⊃

Sorry today I only write a little (´Д`。) SniffAnd now question to everyone ♪

Did everyone already take out kotatsu ?
Anna already take it out

It`s warm ♪w(⌒冖⌒)w♪Today I wish I could get a nice dream again

Good night (_ _)(-.-)(~O~) Fuah… (~O~)(-.-)Ψ(AnA)(^∀^)(isiD)Ψ











Today I woke up early to prepare for exam
First sound that I heard is my mom mumbling about everything turns white
At first I don’t give a damn, but when I took newspaper, I noticed ashes piling on the leaves
With the dews still remain it looks quite beautiful, it’s white halloween!!!
You could also see mount merapi with faint volcanic activities there
Getting closer to the highway, the ashes is getting thicker
With the traffic building up you could see a scenery like those in silent hill
Breathing is no longer easy task, since the ashes feel burning on my throat
You could compare the ashes with my black uniform there
When I arrive at the office my uniform turn grey


Mount merapi view from my house
Right now it looks so calm and beautiful, but last night it erupt taking several life as pyroclastic cloud sweep several village leaving destruction and charred body along its way